Joyful Noise: The Dormition Fast

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

It’s summer. It’s also back-to-school season. In the middle of the hubub of vacations, last-minute preparations, and maybe even dropping off older children at college, the Orthodox are fasting.

This isn’t a fast like Nativity, where we build up to welcome the Christ child.

This isn’t fast like Lent, where we repent and await the Resurrection.

This is the fast for someone on their deathbed. And not just anybody–the mother of God, our Theotokos.

Death happens in the thick of things. Our everyday activities are brought to a screeching halt when a loved one passes on. The small things fade into the background, and everything truly important moves to the foreground.

So it is for this fast. It happens in the thick of things. It is a fast where our everyday life is brought to a screeching halt, and we reorient ourselves back towards God.

So honor the Dormition Fast, because like much of life, we get distracted when down in the trenches. We get stressed and give in to one too many desires. But by fasting (through the guidance of our spiritual parents), we can re-focus and discipline ourselves to look evermore towards God.

It’s summer. It’s time to fast.

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