Joyful Noise: The Coming Dark

(c) 2015||

(c) 2015||

The sun is getting up later these days, and the morning darkness reminds me that the church year is on the move. Coming are the days of the Nativity Fast, when I bookend my day by rising early in the dark to serve breakfast, and then cook meatless family meals as the light fades. A chill floats in the air–the scent hints at what is to come.

And so, in the same way that generations used to store up food for the winter, I make my preparations. This is the time–before the Fast begins–to plan and test new recipes, to think about my prayer habits and how to strengthen them, to choose something to read during the Fast that propels me forward. It’s like putting on extra layers of clothing when the temperature changes. It’s like putting on the proper shoes so you can go for a long walk in the woods.

How are you going to prepare for the coming Nativity Fast?

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