Joyful Noise: Simple Lessons from a Toddler

In parenting my toddler of late, I’ve learned these lessons in humanity…

…that when you’re trying to navigate rocky & difficult ground with another, you have to make your own self secure before you can secure another’s to keep them safe. (She had slipped into the puddle between rocks on the trail as I led her across a difficult section, because my footing wasn’t sure.)

…that keeping the vulnerable close at hand–never letting them go–will help to keep them from danger. (Too young to know how to look for oncoming cars, my hand held her back from the intersection.)

…that sometimes the simple things–sleep, food, and connection–are the truly deep work. (Without proper rest, good food, and the feeling of being loved, no one–let alone my 3-year-old–learns or listens well.)

…that it’s okay for the world to stop when someone is in pain, because when we do so we acknowledge our humanity and show true compassion. (It was a small but frightening tumble, and taking the extra time to hold her close meant she bounced back with a smile.)

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