Joyful Noise: Simple Fixes

I love the life of parenting, because through that I’ve discovered that sometimes (not all times, but some times), the simplest fixes are the best ones:

Food – have we eaten lately? have we eaten to nourish ourselves? do we feel satiated? have we overindulged? has something  we’ve consumed triggered a negative physical or emotional reaction?

Sleep – how did we sleep last night? what interfered with our sleep? did something frighten us during the night, or are we unwell, running on very little energy?

Connection – are we feeling distant from one another, or from God? has my attention been divided? have I neglected my prayer life? am I feeling misunderstood or unheard? is something bothering me so much that it interferes with my ability to be present?

It’s amazing to me that in spite of our complexity, we do have quite a few basic things that help us to nurture and care for one another. Examining these three things proves especially useful for my role as the caregiver–when I’m miffed, I stop and ask myself about how I’m doing with my food, sleep, and connection. Giving attention to these simple fixes within ourselves put us in a place of clarity. Giving attention to them in others helps us to recognize others’ humanity, and to minister more powerfully.

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