Joyful Noise: Show Up


Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about the art of just showing up.

I started taking piano lessons a few months ago. I’ve noticed that when I show up to practice for my allotted time every day, I manage to grow my abilities. It’s not linear or predictable. But the next day, a few more things might click into place, or maybe I’m less fumbly on one part I struggled with. Perhaps I even nailed the thing that felt impossible last week.

The same is true for my prayer life.

If I don’t show up to pray, I won’t feel close to God. If I don’t show up to liturgy to worship, my memory of the service will fade. If I don’t practice my faith, I won’t have a faith.

If I look at the amount of time I actually spend in prayer and in practicing my faith, it’s clear that I’m a woman of very little faith. But hopefully, if I keep making the effort to show up, day by day, I’ll grow.

Because even a little faith can move mountains.

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