Joyful Noise: Repentance is a State of Being

(c) 2015 ||

(c) 2015 ||

Pascha has come and gone—and it can feel as though it is limited to that exhausting day of celebration. But this is not so! We celebrate all during Bright Week and continually bask in the knowledge that death has already been conquered and is always being conquered. Likewise, repentance is not a singular event–is a state of being.

Every day, we must ask forgiveness. Every hour, every minute, we ask forgiveness and are forgiven. Repentance yields gratitude; when we realize we need forgiveness and turn back to God, we are thankful and give the gift of our own gratitude and repentance to others. Repentance is powerful because it changes us, and turns us into a conduit for an outpouring of God’s love for the world. My personal repentance helps to heal the world.

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