Joyful Noise: Remember to Pray

(c) 2015||

(c) 2015||

Have you ever promised someone you will pray for them?

I sure have.

Later on, have you ever forgotten to pray as you’ve promised?

I sure have.

I think it’s important to remember that prayer sometimes a discipline, sometimes a chore, sometimes a joy, sometimes the desire of our heart, and sometimes the last thing on our minds.

What I mean to say is, do you have a system for finding, capturing, and then praying for prayer needs that come your way?

I’m still perfecting mine, but I know the first step is that I have to write down someone’s name. I don’t have to know what’s going on, but I need a name, written on a piece of paper.

That name has to make it onto a list. That list has to live in my icon corner. It has to stay right next to the prayers needed in my little red prayer book.

I hate that my prayer list has to remain external to my head. I keep thinking that if I were a better, more loving Christian, I’d remember everyone’s needs more fully and on my own.

But this is how I remember–I keep your name. I save it. I treat it like a precious relic and it sits in honor at my prayer corner.

And when I stand there in the morning, I pull out the paper, and your name is there. I remember it then.

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