Joyful Noise: Reaching Out with Hope

(c) 2015 ||

(c) 2015 ||

There’s a liturgical custom I’ve seen over time done in various churches which has had a great impact on me. In some churches, during the Great Entrance, parishioners reach out and touch parts of the priest’s vestments as he processes through the crowd.

It’s a gesture that echoes the Bible story of the healing of the woman with the flow of blood, wbich appears in the three synoptic Gospels (Mark 5:25 & Matthew 9:20 & Luke 8:43). Power goes out from Jesus when she touches the hem of his garment, and she is immediately healed. In some ways, I’m sure the same thing can and does happen during the liturgy–the priest is a vehicle of God’s healing–but the healing is contingent on reaching out.

I always want to be like that woman–reaching out to be healed, having hope and taking the chance that today, every day, my soul can be immediately healed. I may not be healed until I (by God’s grace) meet Jesus face to face, but every day, I must reach out.

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