Joyful Noise: Prayers of Motherhood

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Recently I received a most wonderful gift in the mail—a book.

But not just any book. A wonderful resource of prayer and thoughtful parenting called “The Ascetic Live of Mothers” (Available HERE).

Now, if you haven’t ever thought of motherhood as ascesis, now is the time for me to tell you that it truly can be.

Motherhood is a time of sacrifice and of feeling invisible. A recent blog post from a mother named Abigail at the Like Real Life blog really encapsulates that feeling. And if I may, I will quote from it:

“Nobody saw you

picking up the peas,

wiping up the beans,

emptying the laundry basket,

taking out the bins


and again.”

(NOTE: Language warning if you decide to read the original in full.)

We all need to know that in those moments of parenting alone that we are not alone. Parenting young children today (and especially mothering), is filled with these moments of intense relentless execution of tasks, in an environment where very few of your fellows can see the value of what you’re doing.

But what we’re doing truly is valuable. And we must bathe it in prayer. And luckily, we’re not alone. Because this book of prayers was like the anvil from the sky for me, reminding me that wherever I am, whatever is happening, God is there, and the Saints are there, rooting for me. Such a profound thing to forget; such a wonderful thing to remember.

Annalisa Boyd has a wonderful YouTube Channel full of helpful tidbits available here as well

So, let’s help each other on the road of ascesis, and pray our path of parenting.

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