Joyful Noise: Planning for Pascha

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(c) 2016 ||

A late Pascha can make us feel like it’s far away, but remember how easily things pile up and how busy it becomes. So, I challenge you to start planning your Holy Week and Bright week activities now. The reason? Not to be obsessive or to overplan, but to think things through so that when the time comes the logistics are taken care of and you can focus on being in the moment.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask your family how they most want to celebrate Bright Week — perhaps it’s a special meal or family excursion — getting input and letting your family traditions evolve as your family dynamics change is a part of enriching your experience.
  • Pull out your family’s favorite fasting recipes (for Holy Week) & celebration recipes (for Bright Week) now. Run through them in your mind to jog your memory, and make that Holy Week grocery list.
  • Look at the calendar and make a loose plan for what services you want to attend based on the ages of your children and what you can manage. Write letters to the school excusing your child for part of Holy Week in order for them to participate. Book a sitter for one evening service so you can go without children in tow and focus on your own time with God.

All of this planning can seem exhausting, but remember that it’s a part of the rest and jubilation that happens during Bright Week. The purpose is not to overload your experience, but to make it easier for you to deepen your family’s engagement and celebration.

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