Joyful Noise: One Body, All Shapes

(c) 2015||

(c) 2015||

“Birds of a feather flock together”, the proverb goes. As Christians, we need to do exactly that: flock together.

But are we “of a feather”?

I sure hope not! You see, the Church is kind of a club, but a club unlike any other you’ll ever join here on earth. Clubs are built on shared interests, with like-minded people, and they perform activities together.

Sounds fairly accurate, right?

Think again. The Church is centered on a singular and significant shared interest that should trump any other: Jesus Christ.

But sometimes we forget that. Are we unconsciously excluding those around us? Do we tend to (as we humans do) gravitate towards those with whom we share the same social class, educational background, and hobbies?

These are very natural and wonderful things to find in a church–people who understand your situation, your fascinations, and your walk with Christ. What a blessing!

But the walk with Christ comes first. We are one Body, but made up of many different shapes. When we come together for the Eucharist, we perform a radical, loving, grace-filled liturgy that joins together people from all classes, education, geography, and time. It is the ultimate Unity in humanity–it is a vision of Heaven itself.

So don’t let your small differences get in the way of being One Body.

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