Joyful Noise: No Season Without Difficulty

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Each season comes with its own kind of work and difficulty.

Winter is quiet and cozy, but can also be cold and isolating.

In the midst of the beautiful flowers of spring, you will find allergies.

In the liberating warmth of summer, you’ll find oppressive heat.

With autumn there comes delicious color, but then the fallen leaves must be raked.

Fully embrace the work of each season so you can fully understand the beauty of it. And understand that for every season there will be things you like and dislike. You will never find a beautiful season that doesn’t contain something you wish it didn’t have; without it, the season wouldn’t fully be what it should.

In parenting, there are many seasons. Let your children be themselves, and fully embrace the work of their seasons. It is taxing and challenging. You may find that a particular season is your favorite, only then to notice that it has passed you by. But find the good in each season, identify the work it needs, and fully embrace it so your children can be what they were made to be in the image of God.

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