Joyful Noise: Lessons from the Winter Pascha


The season of Nativity is always jam packed with extra work-related things, extra personal goings-on, holiday breaks and changes in routine, and extra ways to volunteer my time. It’s a season of abundant frenetic activity, which makes it all the more difficult to slow down and remember to savor the season.

I did some things well this year, and some things not so well. Here are some useful things I’ve learned in the post-holiday hangover:

–  recovery time from work that has to finish up before the holiday (space between a season of work and a season of worship)

– having a celebration means setting aside perfection (keeping things simple, leaving worries behind, being present with others)

– the more buffer between things I incorporate, the better (everyone needs to sleep & stay healthy)

– choose a few big exciting things, rather than all of the things (less, but better)

– above all, emphasize connecting with others and meaningful giving (make evident the lasting immaterial)

May you find peace and joy in the new year!

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