Joyful Noise: Lent is Not a Punishment

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Lent is not a punishment for our sins.
It is not a slog to wallow in.
It is not “sackcloth and ashes.”
It is not bragging about your fasting or almsgiving, like the Pharisee.
It is not something you “get through” to celebrate Pascha.

Lent is genuine repentance.
Lent is medicine for our sickness.
Lent is rest for the weary.
Lent is focusing on what’s most important.
Lent is a path to knowing God.

Let’s stop asking others about our food fast and what we’re going to “give up for Lent.” Instead, ask, “What things are you doing to strengthen, cleanse, and transform yourself?” Lent is a time for you to examine yourself and get uncomfortable. It’s a time for you to heal. There’s very little healing without the pain of discomfort, and we don’t like discomfort. If you’re a little uncomfortable, you’re doing it right.

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