Joyful Noise: Lead From Where You Are

(c) 2014 Jocelyn Mathewes / used with permission

(c) 2014 Jocelyn Mathewes / used with permission

On a recent field trip to a local park, the family and I got acquainted with the story behind a rescued red-tailed-hawk. His name was Waginisi, which, according to his cage’s little plaque, is Cherokee for, “This is where I have been placed.”

I walked away, carrying my youngest on my back, and heard the name echo against a familiar saying, “Grow where you’re planted.”

In our age, where change and upheaval are taken for granted, the idea of planting one’s self somewhere is tinged with risk, perhaps fear. We avoid putting down too many roots, making too many commitments, because when those have to be changed, adjusted, or even broken, it hurts.

But looking around you for opportunities to grow is necessary in order for all to thrive together. “This is where I have been placed” and “Grow where you’re planted” reverberated back to me upon listening to a TED Talk where Drew Dudley speaks about how the everyday acts we make to improve one another’s lives are forms of leadership.

Where have you been placed? In what small ways do you lead others, and where are you leading them?

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