Joyful Noise: Great Books for Orthodox Kids

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

A children’s book doesn’t always have to come from Orthodox sources to have an Orthodox message. Today, I’m compiling a short (and by no means complete) reading list of books my children have enjoyed that have powerful artwork and messages.

When God Made You by Jane Meyer

A new book by Jane Meyer out of Conciliar Press, and it has a wonderful message: God has created each of us with particular gifts. He wants all of us to use our gifts, and He takes joy when we do what we were created for.

Catherine’s Pascha by Charlotte Riggle

This book was a gift from a grandparent this past year, and it surprised me to see how infatuated my kids became with unlocking all the little details of the illustrations. They got a taste of the multicultural impact of Orthodoxy, as well as excited about the coming Pascha, knowing that it’s not just them celebrating, but that it’s happening all over the world. Pick this up before Lent begins, and have something special to get your kids excited about!

Three In One: A Picture of God by Joanne Marxhausen

One of the simplest and best explanations of the Trinity that you could present to children (of course, any attempt to explain it is going to fall short, but it’s worth having something to start from!).

The Hermit, the Icon, and the Emperor by Chrissi Hart

Niko Chochelli’s illustrations alone are worth the purchase. Combining modern fine art methods with the sensitivity of an iconographer, Chochelli helps Hart’s story and our Orthodox faith come alive with gorgeous narrative visuals that honor our own history of religious imagery.

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