Joyful Noise: Gratitude Practice


Sometimes it takes a little something extra for me to feel inspired to worship, gratitude, or thankfulness. Being outside in nature, viewing the clear night sky, multigenerational or community gatherings, and travel seem to be a good trigger.

It is in these environments–places and situations that inspire me to reflect on the grandiosity of life–that I often find my heart swelling with gratitude and awe. A peace washes over me, and I feel thankful for my very existence.

And so, I try to put myself there as often as I can. I intentionally step away from the types of messages that inspire me towards a disatisfaction with life (which, frankly, is everywhere).

But what do I do with that gratitude?

Once I’m able to see what I have been given, I’m able to acknowledge that everything I have is a gift. I may feel entitled or deserving of things I “earned,” but even the things I worked hard to bring to fruition were first a seed of talent, opportunity, or resources laid at my feet.

And it’s with this heart that I give. We learn nothing (and gain nothing) by withholding our gifts from each other, and when we combine our gifts and our gratitude, that is when we are most able to be the loving hands and feet of our Lord’s body.

And so in this season, give out of thankfulness for your blessings to the church. Then, hold Christ tightly in your heart and give thanks for His love.

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