Joyful Noise: Epistle Vacancy

(c) 2015 ||

(c) 2015 ||

One Sunday, when visiting my mother-in-law’s church in Linthicum, Maryland, there was an awkward pause before the Epistle Reading. Normally, a schedule of laypeople rotate duties the Sunday Epistle reading, but it seemed as though the person assigned for the day was out sick, or maybe just forgot. Either way, there was a longer-than-usual period of silence while the crowd read the situation. After some heads poked out behind the altar, and uncertain faces glanced around, someone stepped up, took the book in their hands, and did what was needed.

Sometimes, you have to let a situation get awkward before we can figure out what’s needed. Sometimes, you have to let things get uncomfortable so someone knows it’s their turn to step up.

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