Joyful Noise: Don’t Leave Church In The Building

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

We go to church because it is part of our faith to set aside a time and a place for worship.

But we don’t leave that behind when we go back to our home.

How, in your life, do you make the time and space to worship, to pray.

Don’t have an icon corner? Clear out a part of your wall now.

Don’t have an icon? Print out the Christ of Sinai from the internet.

Don’t have a the time? Don’t make excuses — everyone has leftover time where we scroll through social media, stare into space, or whittle away the hours playing games or reading other materials.

Don’t believe the lie that you’re too busy to set aside time for worship. Worship may feel like an obligation, but really it’s just like taking the time to feed yourself dinner. Your spirit needs God, so make sure you’re creating the space for regular meals of prayer. Your spirit needs God, so make sure you have the table prepared. Your spirit needs God, so stock your refrigerator with the healthy things to make those beautiful prayers—the Bible, the icons, the books, and more.

Don’t starve yourself until next Sunday–go and feast.

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