Joyful Noise: Don’t Go Without Prayer

It’s dangerous to live unprotected by prayer.

This is true for you, for the home you live in, and people you live with.

Our environments should be bathed with prayer. Our environments should be treated with the knowledge that no matter what happens there, what will happen there, or what has happened, there, God is there, and can redeem it all.

Our homes are not the same as our churches–sanctified and set apart for the sole purpose of worship and the work of the body of Christ. But we are the body of Christ in miniature.

Just like you can reorient yourself by changing your surroundings, you can make it easier for yourself to pray, easier for yourself to remember God, easier for yourself to remember that your home is sanctified if you:

– place icons where you will notice them, perhaps one in every room

– move your prayer corner in a place that makes it easier to practice your habit of prayer

– have reminders of the Bible verses or sayings of the saints that you want to remember nearby (or even on your devices)

– sanctify your house by having it blessed by your priest during the Theophany season

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