Ideas for Mommy & Me (and Daddy Too) Activities

Are you stuck on ideas with your little ones as your proram grows?

  1. Finger (and Toe) Painting – Get on your best WORST clothes, let them dip their fingers and toes in every color of the rainbow (washable of course), and splat the walkway your way to a Mommy and Me masterpiece.
  2. Trace Shapes – Gather bits and bobs from the kitchen cupboard, the backyard or the craft drawer. Place under a piece of paper and color to bring out the shape and texture.
  3. Make a Mud Pie – What do you put in the craziest mud pie ever? Everything AND the kitchen sink, of course! Make it up, mix it up, and bake it – just probably don’t eat it!
  4. Little Lattes – Sometimes it’s just fun to go on a coffee date. Grab a comfy chair in your local Starbucks, order up Mommy and Me lattes (caffeinated for mommy, Kid Hot Chocolate for the little one) and watch the world go by.
  5. Breakfast for Lunch – Who doesn’t love pancakes for lunch? Go together to your local diner for a special Mommy and Me lunch
  6. Picnic in the Park – Find a tree (near a playground, of course), and pull up a blanket and a picnic basket.
  7. Photography – Want to know how kids see the world? Give them a camera and ask them to take pictures of whatever they think is interesting.
  8. Stroller-cise – It’s win-win – baby gets a bouncy ride (one that will probably put him or her to sleep) and mommy gets a bit of exercise. Gather your church group for a workout!
  9. Library Reading Time – Find out if one of your local libraries has a special kids-only reading corner for hosting school groups and reading times. Some of the specialist memories start in the simplest places (like Pooh’s Corner).
  10. I Spy at the Museum – Find the hidden treasures in works of art by playing “I Spy” at your local museum.

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