Icons of the Theotokos: The Mother of God of the Passion

Today’s icon, “The Mother of God of the Passion” takes its name from the two angels to the left and right of the Theotokos and the Christ Child who hold instruments of the passion: the Cross, the lance, and the sponge.

The Mother of God of the Passion

The Mother of God of the Passion

The history of today’s icon begins with a certain faithful woman named Katherine, who began to suffer from seizures and bouts of insanity shortly after her marriage. Afflicted, she would often run into the woods, where she attempted to commit suicide more than once.

However, during a moment of clarity, Katherine prayed to the Theotokos that if she were healed she would enter a monastery. Though she did eventually recover, she initially forgot her promise–that is, until she was visited by Our Lady in several visions. Afraid, and once again sick, the Theotokos appeared to Katherine a third time, commanding the woman to go to Nizhni-Novgorod and purchase Her icon from an iconographer named Gregory. Upon receiving the icon of the Mother of God of the Passion, Katherine was fully healed. Afterwards, the icon was the source of many miracles.

The icon of the Mother of God of the Passion’s feast is August 13, commemorating the sacred image’s transfer from the village of Palitsa to Moscow, where a church and and a monastery was constructed in its honor. The icon is also commemorated on April 30th, and on the Sixth Sunday after Pascha, that is, the Sunday of the Blind Man.

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