Icons of the Theotokos: Panagia Pantanassa

Panagia Pantanassa, "The Most-Holy Queen of All"

Panagia Pantanassa, “The Most-Holy Queen of All”

Today’s icon first became known to history in the 17th century. A young man, visiting the monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos, went to venerate the holy icon. Elder Joseph of Vatopedi reported that he saw a flash of light proceeding from the face of the Panagia on the icon. Immediately, an unseen force pushed the young man to the ground.

Rising to his feet, the young man was undeniably shaken, confessing that he was involved in the practice of dark magic. Nevertheless, he went away that day changed, later becoming an Orthodox Christian.

Among the Panagia Pantanassa’s many recorded miracles are instances of instances of healing from cancer, particular after a Paraklesis service to the Panagia Pantanassa is recited. Among the icon’s many copies in Russia, it is well known for the miracles performed in a children’s oncology ward in Moscow.

The Feast of the Panagia Pantanassa is October 28th in Greece and August 18th (3 days after the Dormition) in Russia

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