Holding the Moon: Reflections on the “Manna from Heaven” Retreat for Single Mothers and Their Children


After returning home from a very enriching and blessed weekend at the family retreat for single mothers and their children, I spoke to all of our parents. One of the beautiful mothers told me that the littlest of our family members (for we all became family in the body of Christ), our precious little Ari told his mama, as he went to bed, that he wanted to hold the moon so it wouldn’t go away.


I think Ari touched on how everyone felt as we left each other to go to our homes: feeling very genuine and real with people we did not know three days before.

Edit of group in dining hall

The weekend was filled with connection as we all played and grew closer to our Lord and Savior. At night, we all laid on the grass looking up at a beautiful Quarter-moon, which also shared in the dark, and at the rim of the moon, which excited every child present (which definitely included us adults).

We looked up and God provided an amazing array of stars and the Milky Way, just like the theme of the weekend: Manna from heaven.


As the Israelites looked up to the heavens for nourishment and renewal in their time of need, so did all of us that weekend, filled with His love in so many ways.


Thank you to all the mothers and families who joined us last weekend, including Kim Clewell and Amanda Constantindes, whose photos accompany this post; and to the FLM team, especially to Father Gregory for his love and guidance.



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