Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls: Getting Stuck with Grudges

Have you ever felt like someone wronged you? I mean really wronged you.

And have you ever reacted angrily when you felt you just didn’t deserve it; or that you were treated in a way that felt completely unjust?

When these moments happen, we are just filled with righteous indignation. Our mind attaches itself to the wrong, and as if are beading a necklace with a knot in it, we get stuck. Our thoughts get stuck, our body gets stuck, our heart gets stuck. We just don’t want to let it go.

I get it, but, have you ever truly asked yourself, why? “Why am I holding on to this?”

Are we going to teach the other person a lesson? Will they better understand their wrong, if we punish them by holding on to anger? Will they decide to be a better person? In the end, does that ever really work?

I once heard someone say they worked so hard to win the fight, that they lost the relationship.

Today, I challenge you to use your anger for healing rather than hurting, use your anger for deepening understanding rather than defeating understanding. Let your anger be used for it’s intended purpose.

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