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Aren’t you tired of recreating the wheel when it comes to planning and implementing programs for your church?  Family Life Ministry has created unique programs that your church can easily implement. For example:

  • Start the Conversation videos are perfect for a parent’s workshop. Simply show the free videos and then do exactly what it says: start a conversation using the questions at the end of the videos. Especially when led by your priest or deacon, these videos promote engaging conversations and help parents connect with one another.
  • Another unique program we offer is a bereavement series for children, which was created and implemented to help children between the ages of 8-12 grieve the death of both their priest and a child in their church community. This program can be adapted for any age- it’s deep enough for adults yet simple enough for children.
  • Our latest creation is our book for teen girls: Woven.

Woven’s primary purpose is to be used by small group of teen girls with three mentors in a church setting, but it can be adapted for use by teen and their moms to use together at home. We’re excited to see our sales climbing (since we started selling copies just a few weeks ago!) and have noticed that Woven is already reaching a Pan-Orthodox audience.

Our team at FLM knows firsthand how much work goes into planning any retreat, but a retreat designed for teens can be especially daunting for most parishes to prepare on their own. Woven was created to help our Orthodox churches engage their teen girls with an attractive keepsake book, interactive and creative activities, and a loving, positive message that will encourage them– without a burdensome time investment for the women who implement Woven. Woven addresses issues that are important for our modern girls: social media, dating, friendships, and anxiety – and each of these topics is lovingly and honestly presented from an Orthodox perspective.

Along with the beautifully illustrated book, there is a free 30-page facilitator’s guide that you can download for free at woveninhislove.org. The facilitator’s guide has background information for implementing Woven as a retreat, instructional tips, extra resources to expand the learning, detailed instructions for all crafts, and other helpful ideas.

We’d love to hear what you think of our wonderful resources along with any suggestions you have for new projects! Family Life ministry is here to help all our Orthodox church families and we love to hear from you.



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