Family Connections: Prayer – From the September 2013 Orthodox Observer


The September issue of The Orthodox Observer has an excellent article, “Prayer as a Means of Educating Children,” written by John Sanidopoulos (pg. 29).

“The most effective method in the parental education of children is to use as few words as possible, and educate through example. Elder Paisios the Athonite, in his Epistles, writes: ‘Blessed are the parents who do not use the word ‘don’t’ with their children, but they put a brake on evil with their holy lives, which children mimic, and they follow Christ with spiritual chivalry joyfully.’ Many saints spoke of this relationship between the holiness of the parent and the positive role this plays in the life of the child. Thus, when parents are people of prayer, they live prayer, they live in Christ and Christ lives in them, and then they could convey Christ to their children. ….

A person of prayer, fighting the good fight for virtue, is in a position, with the help of God, to provide a real education for their children.”

If you do not receive this publication, you can access the article by visiting The Orthodox Observer online here.

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