Social Faith: “Faith and Freedom (and Food!)”

After a summer of interviews with our post-collegiate adults, Family Life Ministry was proud to host the first Social Faith discussion group on Saturday, August 23rd.

The night was well-attended, and those who came out were able to talk about questions like:

  • Describe your perfect day off.
  • What do you hope or plan to do with the next five years of your life?
  • Based on your own experience or your conversations with peers, what commandments or “rules” of the Orthodox Christian faith do people find difficult, confusing, or unreasonable?

We can report that a good night of fellowship and fun was had by all. The informal nature gave participants the opportunity to engage with their friends in a relaxed setting. All agreed that they would like to see the discussion group continue, with a potential for alternating service projects.

We will keep you updated and we encourage all our post-collegiate young people to attend, as we host more events in the Atlanta area!

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