Does Your Church Have a Bookstore?

Does your church have a Bookstore? A church bookstore is ministry that helps people learn about their faith, purchase supplies for their home altar, and is a welcoming place for new people to wander in to talk to someone. It’s also a magnet for children who love to browse and make small purchases.

At my parish, St. Elias in Atlanta, I’m usually the person who orders books for our bookstore ministry. Orthodoxy has many books to choose from, ranging from serious spiritual texts of various centuries and places, to a new crop of lively books for children. Lately I’ve been expanding our children’s book section and also writing review of the books for FLM. I’m sharing my list of the children’s books I’ve reviewed so far to help bookstore managers, parents, and others have a wide array of quality titles to choose from when selecting books for children. This list will continue to expand over the coming months. To read the entire review, click on the links below or visit our website.

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