Curl Up with Winter Books: Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple (12 Great Feasts Series)


Twelve Great Feasts for Children, written by Sister Elayne (now Mother Melania) with illustrations by Bonnie Gillis (Conciliar Press, 2003) are little child-sized books that beautifully express the story of each of the 12 feasts of the church.

I read the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple and appreciated the beauty of the simple poem which tells the story of Mary, the second Eve, along with its sweet watercolor illustrations. These would be lovely books to read each day for several days leading up to any of these feasts to familiarize the whole family with the feast before it’s celebrated. The text is short enough for very young children, but has rich enough imagery to engage older children. The soft cover and small size (7×5) make any of these books convenient for slipping into a purse so it can be inconspicuously brought out during a church service to help quiet a child who needs to be pulled back into attentiveness.

Purchasing the set of 12 would provide a useful and lovely resource for Orthodox parents, but buying an individual copy and pairing it with an icon of the feast it describes is also a great gift idea for birthdays or baptisms.

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