Cozy up to Fall Books: H is for Holy

H is for Holy, written by Nika Boyd and illustrated by Heather Hayward (published by Ancient Faith, 2015) is an Orthodox alphabet book. Starting with Altar and ending with Zacchaeus, this sweet book guides children through elements of our faith. Each page has lively illustrations showing a small group of children and an adorable corgi as they experience Orthodoxy in their everyday lives. For example: E is for epistle, so the text explains that the Apostles wrote many letters, while the illustration accompanying the text shows a boy getting a letter from his mailbox.

If you have children of varying ages, between two and seven, this would be a great book to read together because the pictures and Alphabet book format are simple enough for younger children, while the text has open-ended questions that will engage older children. Sometimes the text asks children to identify objects in the church or in icons. This adds interest and flexibility, and the illustrations keep the book cheerful, lively and playful. H is for Holy also has its own Facebook page where your child can enter a coloring contest among other suggestions for extending the learning beyond the book’s pages.

The interactive writing, alphabet book format, and colorful illustration will be sure to capture the attention of young children and teach them about Orthodox spirituality in a way that fits with their daily experiences.

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