Conference Day 1: Who Is Our Family?


Members of the Family Life Ministry team have arrived in Minneapolis for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Family Ministry Conference and we couldn’t be more excited as we’ve broken ground beginning with defining:

Who is our Family?

Thoughts we want to share with you from this evening’s exploration of this pivotal question:

  • Our immediate family is clearly the most obvious place to begin when answering this question.
  • Then we refer to those we consider “extended family” – extended relatives.
  • Beyond these will include close friends, close neighbors, and others that have entered the spectrum of our personally defined extended family.

However, as Orthodox Christians, the entire Body of Christ is family; let us reflect further on the words of His Eminence Archbishop Chrysostomos:

“A true family is an Icon of the Church and the brotherhood of all mankind.  A true family does not confine its love to those within its boundaries, but extends to its neighbors (and even its enemies) the love which has been developed, cultivated, and refined within the family.”



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