Raising the Orthodox Family: Christ’s Values, Your Values

If someone were to ask your child what their specific family values are, how would they answer? Many of us, as parents, posses a vague understanding of the moral code by which we would like our family to live. Defining this code outright can be helpful, not only so that your children can grow up internalizing these values, but also so that you, as the parent, can have something solid and consistent to fall back upon when children act out. Discipline can “teach” a family value, rather than act as punishment. These same values can also help you be a better role model.

Whether you are already working toward this, or have never clearly defined what you value, the following is a helpful list to pick from.:

  • Quality time spent together
  • Keeping Christ at the center of your family
  • Humility
  • Taking personal responsibility for behavior
  • Patience, empathy, healthy communication, being respectful
  • Being part of a team and helping each other out
  • And sharing, honesty or openness

Over the next several blogs, I will talk about how each of these values can make a difference to your family.

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