Christmas Reflections: Forgiveness & Rebuilding God’s House (December 16th)


Today on our church calendar we remember the prophet Haggai. The two short chapters of Haggai in the Old Testament are very direct. The Lord’s house was in ruins while the people lived in decorated houses (1:4).

The people said it wasn’t the right time to be attentive to spiritual things. “Not now. Later, later.” They were more concerned about worldly things and so God did not bless them. All their efforts, He blew away “because [His] house [was] in ruins, desolate while each of you is busy with own house” (1:9).

Have we done the same thing? Have we been too busy with worldly things (decorating our houses) and said to God, “now’s not a good time”? Or have we prepared and adorned our heart, the Lord’s house? If we prepare our hearts to be a dwelling for the Christ Child, we have a great promise! “I will fill this house with glory…And in this place, I will grant peace,” declares the Lord Almighty.

Right now, how can we stop busying ourselves with worldly things and prepare the heart? By forgiving. Holding onto bitterness, pain, our past mistakes, or the mistakes of others is worldly. Forgive. It’s time.

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