Celebration of Marriage: The First Ripple

We are pleased to introduce the first part of our new series, which excerpts pieces from our upcoming seminar series for married couples, scheduled for 2016.



When Christ is invited into the heart of your marriage, a new family is created.

The first ripple is: your home, your marriage, and your family. The ripples that flow out from that first ripple are your extended families, church families, etc.

What if in this season you focus on growing and renewing your marriage into the marriage that God intended for you and your spouse?

Protecting that first circle involves nurturing your marriage with Christ-like love. Share your heart with your spouse, listen with care and honor each other’s perspective.

This series of celebrating our marriages as a precious gift from a loving God will help you focus on creating moments of connection, building close bonds of trust and harmony in your marriage. Join us in this new series during this wonderful season as we celebrate the advent season and our Lord’s Birth.

Today, honor the dinner table where you break bread together, where your family comes back together to reconnect, to be refreshed at the end of the day.

  • Turn off technology, Connect with each other with gratefulness and joy in being a Christ-centered family.
  • Include prayer in thankfulness before and after your meal.
  • Share one thing about each other that you are grateful for.

Respond to each other in a kind and loving way, these are the moments that transform our marriages!

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