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Cecilia Roden has worked as an Adolescent and Family Therapist in long-term treatment facilities, and as the Youth Director of Saint John The Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired, she and her family moved to Conyers, Georgia to buy a small ranch, and began hosting Orthodox summer camps. This was the beginning of Legacy Ministry. She is presently the Marketing and Activities Director of an assisted living home as well as the Director of Legacy Ministry.

FLM: Tell us about your ministry and what is the most interesting part of it.

Cecelia Roden: Some of Legacy’s notable missions are: Saint Seraphim Boys Camps and Saint Sophia’s Young Women’s Retreat. Weeklong camps allow youth to leave the mass media behind and plug into an environment that is rich in natural beauty. They join like-minded brothers or sisters who are looking to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and return home with a deeper understanding to live life with a purpose.

St Sophia

The Vintage Fashion and Variety Show had its debut as a service project put together during Saint Sophia’s Young Women’s Retreat in 2009.  It is a show that brings the youth and the elderly together in vintage fashions from the turn-of-the-century to the 1960’s. The show also provides a platform for some to showcase talents they have acquired in piano, dance, singing, writing and drama. The Vintage Show is often used as a fundraiser for scholarships, cancer research, veterans, and families in crises


FLM: What was your inspiration to follow this path? How long did you contemplate this ministry?

Cecelia Roden: I started in small ways to do something about what pricked me most. In one season of life we are just beginning, in another struggling to finish the race strong.  It became clear that the youth and the elderly had become isolated from one another and the result was tragic.  I was hopeful that I could find ways to restore this circle of life by building activities that helped to develop relationships.

FLM: In what way does your faith play a role in this ministry?

Cecelia Roden: It is at the very core.  I eat a lot of humble pie.  When I think it is me, I fall. When I duck and get out of the way, faith keeps me motivated.

FLM: How does it impact others, your family, your church?

Cecelia Roden: People get involved, or they are inspired to investigate their calling and make a difference. 

FLM: Where do you see this ministry growing? Short or long term goals?

Cecilia Roden: I would love to have an Orthodox recovery center. Legacy’s land could be a center where people who are struggling, come live together for a time to redefine their purpose by having acommon purpose: to pray, work, know and serve Jesus Christ.  Perhaps this is in the beginning stages. I’m not pushing it, if it is a work in progress, the Lord will provide.

FLM: How can others get involved?

Cecilia Roden:

  • Be in the Vintage Shows or help backstage.
  • Let us be your entertainment for a fundraiser you need help with getting off the ground. We have a wide variety of programs including a USO Show.
  • Call Legacy to get your youth groups set-up and build a project that reaches into their neighborhoods.
  • Make a donation by providing a scholarship for camp.  Camp tuition for a week is $200
  • Donate a space in Conyers, Georgia for us to have our own store front!
  • Pray!

Our website is www.legacyministries.net I hope you will look at it. Just keep in mind it’s a work in progress and as my mother-in-law used to say, “Count the mistakes as hugs and kisses’

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