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Whose Life Is It, Anyway!?

 Glamour magazine gushed about an actress who gushed about discovering a new credo for herself, “My life is mine!” she exclaimed. She felt empowered, freed, and jubilant about the concept that her life is hers- hers to live however she wants. As she explained, this means she is free to[…} Read more….


As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.   Proverbs 27:19 ( NIV ) Tim Tebow was just in the news for two things: 1) local pastors say he actually lives his faith when no one’s looking and 2) he just injured his hand and will miss the[…} Read more….

The 2018 Connect Conference

The 2018 Connect Conference is for ALL Orthodox young adults and young professionals (21-39), no matter where they are in life! Still in school? Established in your career? Married? Single? It doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome and, it’s our prayer that everyone will find spiritual edification at the conference, which[…} Read more….


Recently, I was interviewed by Eleni Alexiou on OCN’s website about Family Life Ministry’s book Woven.  I appreciated the chance to discuss why we wrote Woven,  how we hope it will impact girls, and ways Woven can be used by churches and families. You can listen to our interview here:
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