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Paula Marchman


Celebration of Marriage: The Iceberg

Most quarrels are really not about “the what” that is being presented …there are deeper, hidden issues that fuel these conflicts and make them far more intense and hurtful than they would otherwise be. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Pick-me, please pick me…” That nagging heart-wrenching thought when teams were being picked on the playground[…} Read more….


Celebration of Marriage: The First Ripple

We are pleased to introduce the first part of our new series, which excerpts pieces from our upcoming seminar series for married couples, scheduled for 2016. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When Christ is invited into the heart of your marriage, a new family is created. The first ripple is: your home, your marriage, and[…} Read more….


Holding the Moon: Reflections on the “Manna from Heaven” Retreat for Single Mothers and Their Children

After returning home from a very enriching and blessed weekend at the family retreat for single mothers and their children, I spoke to all of our parents. One of the beautiful mothers told me that the littlest of our family members (for we all became family in the body of Christ),[…} Read more….