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Paula Marchman

Two displaced Palestinian women find refuge in the courtyard of St. Porphyrius Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City. The church is sheltering more than 700 displaced people, nearly half of them children, and providing assistance to an additional 1,400 displaced persons being sheltered in a nearby mosque and warehouses. IOCC is responding to the urgent needs of Gaza's displaced families with the emergency distribution of food, water, blankets, bedding and infant supplies. photo: UNICEF

IOCC Responds To Critical Needs Of Families In Gaza, Urges Support

The following is a reprint of a recent bulletin issued by International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). We can easily get overwhelmed with the heartache of the world and feel so helpless.  I choose to follow my Lord and help with prayer and support to those on the front lines. IOCC is[…} Read more….


Parenting by Living (Part I)

Children, when we capture their attention, are models of “active listening”. They listen with their eyes, their minds and hearts as well as their ears. Children need to belong, and they learn how to belong as they grow. They discover that certain responses from others give them a feeling of belonging. We reach our children by connecting to their core, their heart. Read more….

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Jocelyn Mathewes: Women With Icons

The Family Life Ministry is excited to continue our “Tea Talk Traditions” series with Jocelyn Mathewes.  Jocelyn is the wife of +Fr. Stephen Mathewes of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Bluff City, Tennessee. Jocelyn is also a mother and photographer and we are eager to introduce her ministry, Women[…} Read more….