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Presbytera Jocelyn Mathewes

Joyful Noise: Firm and Loving

Being firm doesn’t mean angry. Being firm doesn’t mean unenjoyable. Being firm doesn’t mean contentious. Being firm with my kids is like being a wall–strong, quiet, predictable, and given a set shape. It can feel contentious sometimes, or irritating. And when I get angry about being firm it doesn’t make[…} Read more….

Joyful Noise: Mutterings

Muttering isn’t a good sign. It’s usually a curse, or a frustrated sentence I wish I could throw at another person (or even the world), but am afraid to utter in a louder voice for fear of being overheard. Muttering means I’m saying things I’m ashamed to say. Muttering means[…} Read more….

Joyful Noise: The Dormition Fast

It’s summer. It’s also back-to-school season. In the middle of the hubub of vacations, last-minute preparations, and maybe even dropping off older children at college, the Orthodox are fasting. This isn’t a fast like Nativity, where we build up to welcome the Christ child. This isn’t fast like Lent, where[…} Read more….