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Edna King

Chastity- a Lovely Virtue

Have you ever thought of chastity as a virtue that gives us greater freedom to love others? Isn’t chastity for repressed, unattractive, joyless old people? The current secular view is that chastity is only about not having sex – which is viewed as unhealthy, and simply too much to ask[…} Read more….

FLM has resources for you!

Aren’t you tired of recreating the wheel when it comes to planning and implementing programs for your church?  Family Life Ministry has created unique programs that your church can easily implement. For example: Start the Conversation videos are perfect for a parent’s workshop. Simply show the free videos and then do[…} Read more….

Joyously Preparing for Christ’s Birth during the Nativity Fast

The ​Nativity ​fast ​will ​begin ​on ​November ​15, ​marking ​a ​time ​for ​us ​to ​prepare ​our ​hearts ​for Christ’s ​birth. ​As ​Orthodox ​families, ​we ​want ​to ​celebrate ​this ​time ​with ​joyous, ​hopeful expectation–​not ​just ​with ​sad ​meals ​of ​cabbage ​soup. ​Here ​are ​some ​ideas ​for ​things ​you​ ​can ​do ​to[…} Read more….