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Edna King

The Authentic You

Most of us have standards for ourselves which are both impossibly high and yet shallow at the same time. We then attack ourselves for not being “perfect” in some way that won’t even matter in five years. Those attacks become habits and those habitual criticisms create a false self-image inside[…} Read more….

Each of us has eternal value…and are precious in the eyes of God

God created each of us to live forever, to be eternal. Noe one is a mistake. No one is unwanted in His eyes. Each of us has beauty and value in His love. Don’t forget that. When it’s hard to love yourself, let go of trying and remember that He[…} Read more….

Engage Orthodoxy

Family Life Ministry has created a new website called Engage Orthodoxy.  As a Pan-Orthodox ministry, EO is launching with Orthodox writers who are members of Greek, Antiochian, and OCA churches. The purpose of EO is to inspire others to apply and cultivate our faith in thoughtful, prayerful, and practical ways.[…} Read more….

Whose Life Is It, Anyway!?

 Glamour magazine gushed about an actress who gushed about discovering a new credo for herself, “My life is mine!” she exclaimed. She felt empowered, freed, and jubilant about the concept that her life is hers- hers to live however she wants. As she explained, this means she is free to[…} Read more….


As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.   Proverbs 27:19 ( NIV ) Tim Tebow was just in the news for two things: 1) local pastors say he actually lives his faith when no one’s looking and 2) he just injured his hand and will miss the[…} Read more….


Recently, I was interviewed by Eleni Alexiou on OCN’s website about Family Life Ministry’s book Woven.  I appreciated the chance to discuss why we wrote Woven,  how we hope it will impact girls, and ways Woven can be used by churches and families. You can listen to our interview here:
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