ADVENTure of the Nativity: The Incarnation (Part 7 of 7)

Hymn From The Matins of The Nativity: “Come, O ye faithful, and let us behold where Christ is born. Let us join the Magi, kings from the east, and follow the guiding star. Angels sing praises there without ceasing, and shepherds abiding in the fields offer a fitting hymn, saying: ’Glory to the highest to Him who in the cave this day is born of the Virgin and Theotokos, in Bethlehem of Judah.’”

Our adventure to the cave of Bethlehem and the Nativity has reached its destination. During this adventure we prepared spiritually via Orthodox Hymnography for the glorious coming of Christ. We expect the birth and all of the excitement that comes with a new baby, while never ignoring the fact that this Child is coming for a specific role – to die on a cross for the sins of the world.

The Incarnation is the greatest miracle. God loved us enough to step out of Heaven to live with us and save us. The Incarnation was an extreme act of humility, because Jesus came to have a relationship with us. There was a purpose for His life. He would come into the world as a baby, would lead a humble life, and would die a horrendous death at the hands of the very people he came to save. He did all this for us.

Christmas is the coming of the Son of God to this sinful earth:

  • To take up our human nature with all its limitations and frailties.
  • To live, die, and be buried in a tomb
  • To suffer all the horrible humiliation, misery, hatred, pain, and sorrow-all the way from a crude manger to a cruel cross, all the way from the glory of Heaven to the gates of Hades to His Glorious Resurrection

The purpose of the Holy Incarnation and the awful sacrifice to which it led inspires philanthropy, brotherhood, kindness, and goodwill. Most importantly, however, The Nativity is for those who repent. The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost. Salvation is the greatest gift that Christmas has to give.

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