A Must Read About Teens

We’ve all heard it before – generation after generation of parents will preface conversations about their teen children with warnings and dreads that make our once precious toddlers sound as if they’ve somehow been replaced by aliens.  The Sounding Blog from the Orthodox Christian Network has a new post that is a must read for all parents.  It peels back many myths and tells it like it is.  While it may read brutal for some, it is our responsibility as “The Parents” to roll up our sleeves and stay the course until our children are prepared to enter independent adult life:

Television program producers are crafty. They pit teenagers against parents, parents against teens. Anything to increase ratings, and up the drama factor. Many parents follow the path laid out for them, like hypnotized zombies, with no clue they are being played.

If you’re a parent of teens, you don’t have an easy task. The entertainment industry and popular culture are ready to suck your kids up and mold them into unhappy, overindulged, rebellious, depressed, angry teens.

….Don’t fall for the lies. Read on to find out the real truth about teens. You might be in for a shock. This is a lot different than what you’re used to hearing.

Read the entire article here.