One Good Thought: God’s Sunshine

I feel bright, warm and tranquil when I turn with my whole soul to the mental sun, the Sun of righteousness, to Christ my God. Then the ice of my heart melts, all its darkness, impurity and corruption vanish; spiritual death flees, heavenly life begins in its stead and nothing earthly occupies me any longer.
+ St. John of Krondstadt

It’s difficult to turn with your whole soul to God.

Have you had moments when you felt that closeness to heaven that so deeply comforts us? What was happening that opened you up to God in that moment?

It’s usually heartbreak, the kind of heartbreak we desperately want to avoid experiencing, but it’s in those times that we might step just a little toe into eternity because when this life seems to fall apart and we humbly see ourselves more honestly, heaven becomes more real and much more comforting. Sometimes that little glimmer is enough to help us see that we are not living just for now, we’re living forever…heavenly life has begun. Suddenly, as CS Lewis said, we’re surprised by joy.

Lord, thank you for the comfort You bring when my heart breaks with problems that feel unfixable. Help me to remember that my heavenly life has already started and that there can be joy, sunshiny joy, even now, for all of us in You.

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