Joyful Noise: The Struggle

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Every day, we must expect a struggle.

This isn’t what we like. I don’t enjoy a struggle with my day. I want my day to flow easily and for things to be in harmony.

But if you don’t expect a struggle, you’ll be flattened. Because if you don’t expect, then you can’t prepare.

You’re unprepared when you to have to beat your resistence to positive change.

You’re unprepared when you have to wage war against your besetting sins.

You’re unprepared for the quanitity or quality of effort it takes to draw closer to God.

You’ll find yourself weak in the face of every temptation or hurdle.

This is normal. We have centuries of literature describing this struggle. We act like it’s not normal, because we don’t want it to be normal.

But if we can make discomfort and struggle a part of our normal experience, we are then able to prepare ourselves against temptation, to act in accordance with reality, and to triumph over the things that hold us back.

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