Beauty and the Beast

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish the work of our hands upon us . . .” Psalm 90:17 The recent release of the full length film Beauty and the Beast got me thinking about our approach to the faith and to one[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Sea Lions Help Us See

We often choose dogs and cats as household pets. Yes, Presbytera Marinda and I adopted a dog that was wandering homeless at the Diakonia Retreat Center several years ago. We have been blessed to own him and several loving dogs. One memory I recall from both my parents is the[…} Read more….

Who is Angelina?

My relationship with her began in 2005 when my priest Father Jacob Myers asked, “Who is your patron saint?” I looked at him intently, “What is that?” “That is the saint whose name you take on as a Christian when you are Chrismated into the Orthodox Church. “Oh!” I responded,[…} Read more….

I Have a Christian Home: Family Insights Podcast Series

Welcome to the Podcast Series of Family Insights powered by Orthodox Christian Network and Family Life Ministry.  Together these ministries have collaborated to bring insight into family life. Paula and Eleni will be back every other week in between your busy tune schedules. This week provides a deeper insight into the Orthodox home: a place that depends[…} Read more….

What is Love?

With all of the talk these days about love, I have been pondering this term a bit.  We hear these phrases: “Love Wins”, “Love conquers all,”  “God is love,” and “Make love, not war!”  What do any of these mean? In this world where even the idea of love has[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Sharing the “Gladsome Light”

Each Saturday evening during Great Vespers, Orthodox chant the following beautiful hymn, one of the most ancient of our faith: Gladsome light of holy glory of the holy, blessed, heavenly, immortal Father, O Jesus Christ: arriving at the hour of sunset and having seen the evening light, we praise the[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Let the Little Children Come to Me

In this photo, my granddaughter is pretending to be Belle in the story, “Beauty and the Beast.” With her blanket cape, she is running like the story’s heroine to escape the mean wolves seeking to do her harm. Evie’s mind imagines herself as being part of the story. All children[…} Read more….