Sunday Lunch: Let the Little Children Come to Me

In this photo, my granddaughter is pretending to be Belle in the story, “Beauty and the Beast.” With her blanket cape, she is running like the story’s heroine to escape the mean wolves seeking to do her harm. Evie’s mind imagines herself as being part of the story. All children[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Come Receive the Light!

When I was young, my parents would share stories during our Sunday Lunches which I liken today as them admitting they were human… i.e., they taught us they could and did make mistakes; they could and did own up to them. They helped my brothers and me understand that while[…} Read more….

Family Insights Podcast Series: Can You Hear Me Now?

In this this new installment of the “Family Insights” Podcast Series Paula Marchman and Eleni Alexiou talk about the importance of the Art of Active Listening and Being Thankful. To listen, visit the podcast’s page HERE. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Tell a friend

One Good Thought: Hope in Times of Sorrow

“O Lord of Hosts, be with us for we have none other hope in times of sorrow but Thee….” Great Compline Service   I love the Lenten Great Compline service (which includes the scriptures quoted in this post), because it reminds me that even when I feel deep sorrow-when I[…} Read more….

One Good Thought: Hot Cross Buns

“Martha Martha, you are worried and troubled over so many things but just one is needed” +St. Luke 10:41-42 As I watched flour waft out of the large industrial mixer and onto the kitchen floor, I questioned the wisdom of making 250 homemade hot cross buns for the church on Sunday[…} Read more….