Recently, I was interviewed by Eleni Alexiou on OCN’s website about Family Life Ministry’s book Woven.  I appreciated the chance to discuss why we wrote Woven,  how we hope it will impact girls, and ways Woven can be used by churches and families. You can listen to our interview here: http://myocn.net/woven-helping-modern-teenage-girls-face-lifes-challenges-together-through-gods-love/
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Remembering our First Love!

In 2013, Nigel was lured to an island called Mana in New Zealand by scientists who wanted to start a gannet population. Nigel was a gannet, and a beautiful one at that; but unfortunately none of his kind followed him there. The scientists had set up cement decoys on cliffs[…} Read more….

Whither do Our Thoughts Wander?

What are you thinking about right now? What were you mulling over five minutes ago? Before that it was something different, right? So are you thinking about what is actually happening right now or in the back of your mind are you pondering something that has already happened or perhaps[…} Read more….

Joyful Service

This Great Lent let us be thankful as we serve joyfully without complaint. Jesus’ visit to the home of Martha and Mary in Bethany teaches us a great deal about joyful service and the power of our thoughts, whether positive or negative, to shape our day. In this Gospel account, we learn that we[…} Read more….

Being a Christlike Friend

In John 15:15, Christ calls us all His friends.  There is an 8th Century Coptic icon hanging in the Louvre in Paris of Abba Menas and Christ which illustrates this verse beautifully. The French call it “Christ and His Friend”. This icon reminds us that Christ is our friend and[…} Read more….