Family Insights Podcast Series: The Balancing Act

Now that we’re full into summer, join Paula and Eleni today as they continue their discussion on balancing work and play, while adding in private time for our own sanity and even time for our marriage. There are some basic tools to help create intentionality in how we prioritize our family’s[…} Read more….

Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls: Summer Fun–and Boredom

School’s out. No more early mornings. No more homework or after school activities, no more rushing around. Everyone’s finally able to relax, until suddenly, we hear the infamous, “I’m bored mom. There’s nothing to do.” As parents, we scramble to begin pulling out of our minds all the wonderful things[…} Read more….

Keeping our Young People in the Church

Keeping our teens in the church is no easy task. Throw in what you know about contemporary culture and the Prince of this World and the task seems insurmountable. Our culture and the evil one seek to draw in and shred our young people, stealing their faith and their moral[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: A Blueberry Pie Fable

Early in life, I learned how skilled my mother was in baking fresh fruit and cream pies. Every Sunday at lunch, she would prepare different flavors for her family. During the summer, she liked to bake fresh blueberry pies. The focus of this week’s spiritual reflection was inspired by the[…} Read more….