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Joyful Noise: Beauty is Real

Our culture has forgotten that Beauty is not a singular, outward thing. What is beautiful is not all appearance or something in the material world. It is also not a pursuit or an achievement. I cannot seek to become more truly beautiful than I already am (pureveyors of cosmetic surgery[…} Read more….

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Joyful Noise: Mutterings

Muttering isn’t a good sign. It’s usually a curse, or a frustrated sentence I wish I could throw at another person (or even the world), but am afraid to utter in a louder voice for fear of being overheard. Muttering means I’m saying things I’m ashamed to say. Muttering means[…} Read more….


One Good Thought: A Good Word is an Oasis

A bad word makes even good people bad, but a good word turns even bad people into good. +Saint Macarius the Elder Our words have so much power, yet it’s so easy to say them without thinking. Have you ever chosen to say something nice when you didn’t feel like it? What[…} Read more….


One Good Thought: God’s Sunshine

I feel bright, warm and tranquil when I turn with my whole soul to the mental sun, the Sun of righteousness, to Christ my God. Then the ice of my heart melts, all its darkness, impurity and corruption vanish; spiritual death flees, heavenly life begins in its stead and nothing[…} Read more….

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Joyful Noise: Establishing a Prayer Workout

Prayer can be such a difficult habit for me to craft, because my life has such a variable rhythm to it. My days as a mother are varied in amounts of sleep and many different kinds of obligations. Worst of all, when I’m feeling busy or harried, I’m less likely[…} Read more….