Reading the Bible in 20 Minutes a Day

“Whenever you read the Gospel, Christ Himself is speaking to you. And while you read; you are praying and talking to Him.” Saint Tikhon The new Church year just began a few days ago on September 1st  so it’s the perfect time for all of us to make a plan[…} Read more….

Happy Church New Year!

Happy Church New Year! A Fresh Start Every September 1st, we are invited to renew our commitment to live out our faith with intention, or, as my Spiritual Father puts it, “to be Orthodox on purpose.” Here then is an invitation for us to start the ecclesial year strong and put our priorities in[…} Read more….

The Foreground: The Narthex

The Foreground The Foreground is a blog series providing a glimpse into what one family is attempting to make prominent:  a life in the church.  We are a family of seven with some in the nest and some out.  We have kids in college, in high school and in middle[…} Read more….

Our Life’s Reward

There is an old story about a very wealthy man who died and went to heaven. An angel guided him on a tour of the celestial city. He came to a magnificent home. “Who lives there?” asked the wealthy man. “Oh,” the angel answered, “on earth he was your gardener.”[…} Read more….

Whose Life Is It, Anyway!?

 Glamour magazine gushed about an actress who gushed about discovering a new credo for herself, “My life is mine!” she exclaimed. She felt empowered, freed, and jubilant about the concept that her life is hers- hers to live however she wants. As she explained, this means she is free to[…} Read more….


As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.   Proverbs 27:19 ( NIV ) Tim Tebow was just in the news for two things: 1) local pastors say he actually lives his faith when no one’s looking and 2) he just injured his hand and will miss the[…} Read more….

A Conversation About Connect Orthodoxy

Part 6 in an occasional series about Keeping our Young People in the Church. As many of you know, I’ve been on a mission to tell the stories of young people who are thriving in the Orthodox Christian faith.  These stories are simple, like the college student who is setting[…} Read more….

Family Insight Podcast Series: Stop Numbing Out

Listen Now.   Join us as we discuss the importance of staying present, becoming self aware, and doing our best to avoid escaping our feelings through tv, the internet, games, and even food.  Click here for helpful resources on this topic, and the importance of participating in real life rather than numbing[…} Read more….

The 2018 Connect Conference

The 2018 Connect Conference is for ALL Orthodox young adults and young professionals (21-39), no matter where they are in life! Still in school? Established in your career? Married? Single? It doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome and, it’s our prayer that everyone will find spiritual edification at the conference, which[…} Read more….