A Blueberry Pie Fable

Early in life, I learned how skilled my mother was in baking fresh fruit and cream pies. Every Sunday at lunch, she would prepare different flavors for her family. During the summer, she liked to bake fresh blueberry pies. The focus of this week’s spiritual reflection was inspired by the[…} Read more….

Family Insights Podcast Series: Raising Children Alone

Join Paula and Eleni today as they discuss the role of motherhood and what constitutes being a single mother, or single parent. Together, they will address the importance of seeing the opportunities and resources that God gives us such as our priest, the Church, and our extended family, as we raise our[…} Read more….

Family Insights Podcast Series: Who is Jesus?

As a Christian, the most important thing we want to teach our children is Jesus’ love, but how do we ensure our children learn His love? Reading Bible stories to your children, role playing, talking about creation, praying together, and enlisting the help of others are all great ways to ensure[…} Read more….

Joyful Noise: The Struggle

Every day, we must expect a struggle. This isn’t what we like. I don’t enjoy a struggle with my day. I want my day to flow easily and for things to be in harmony. But if you don’t expect a struggle, you’ll be flattened. Because if you don’t expect, then[…} Read more….

Beauty and the Beast

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish the work of our hands upon us . . .” Psalm 90:17 The recent release of the full length film Beauty and the Beast got me thinking about our approach to the faith and to one[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Sea Lions Help Us See

We often choose dogs and cats as household pets. Yes, Presbytera Marinda and I adopted a dog that was wandering homeless at the Diakonia Retreat Center several years ago. We have been blessed to own him and several loving dogs. One memory I recall from both my parents is the[…} Read more….