Coming soon: The Singlehood Module

This spring, the Metropolis of Atlanta distributed a survey to its clergy to gather data about the demographics of its respective parishes. One question revealed a valuable, if somewhat troubling statistic: those who are single make up the sixth highest “special population” (45.16%), behind those who are divorced (the fifth[…} Read more….

F-A-T-H-E-R: The Six Attributes of a Godly Father

The following blog post is an edited version of Father Ken Anthony’s sermon delivered on Father’s Day and George Papageorge’s webinar “Raising our Sons: Understanding Our Boys” If there’s anything in shortage today it is real fathers that take responsibility for their actions and take care of the financial, spiritual,[…} Read more….


Parenting by Living (Part I)

Children, when we capture their attention, are models of “active listening”. They listen with their eyes, their minds and hearts as well as their ears. Children need to belong, and they learn how to belong as they grow. They discover that certain responses from others give them a feeling of belonging. We reach our children by connecting to their core, their heart. Read more….