Sunday Lunch: Giving More to Our Families

Our children are full of questions… “Why does the wind blow?” “Where do clouds come from?” “What makes a rainbow?” As parents, we are challenged to help them understand and learn. Often, we wish we had more religious resources to offer to our families. Toward that aim, His Eminence Metropolitan[…} Read more….

Held by the Saints

Often when I’m in church, I look at the icons surrounding me, and this sense of peace overwhelms me. I feel held by the stories of the lives of the saints. When I was first exploring Orthodoxy, I was excited to learn more of the saints’ stories, but I soon[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: Two Words That Can Define Us

Two words that can change a mood instantly are “thank you.” In fact, growing up in the ‘60s, I learned that by not offering these words after receiving a kind gesture or word from others, others might surmise I lacked a proper upbringing. For my parents, that would have been[…} Read more….

Sunday Lunch: What Journey Am I On?

Readers may recall the last two weeks I have witnessed how others can inspire our spiritual journey. I now turn to you… and invite you to reflect inwardly and seek God’s direction to answer the question: “What Journey Am I On?” Before dismissing this workout, I offer as a starting[…} Read more….