Unbind Him

John was coming home after being away for the past five years. You might think the family would be planning a great party and feast to celebrate the return of their son. Instead the family was in turmoil about how to handle his return. You see John had been branded[…} Read more….


“F” – The New Scarlet Letter

John was 20 years old when the judge told him that he would spend the next 5 years in prison as a result of the felony for which he had just been convicted. From that day forward, John was branded a FELON. Though the “F” was not physically branded on[…} Read more….

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Joyful Noise: Living the In-Between

The beginning of the liturgical year has passed for nearly a month. But now, we’re in-between feasts and fasts. Through the month of October, there are very few major celebrations to be had, and the fasting schedule appears regular; rather boring, one could say. But what does our life look[…} Read more….


One Good Thought: Little Stolen Figs

When I was a boy, I was tending calves with the other boys, and they went to steal figs; and as they ran, one of the figs dropped, and I picked it up and ate it; and when I remember it, I sit and weep. +Saint Macarius Often, as people[…} Read more….